Sometimes information is ugly, no matter how it looks

Happy European Fish Week everybody! To celebrate, The Guardian publishes this visualization (via David McCandless of Information is Beautiful) that illustrates the depletion of fish biomass in the oceans.

In homage to #ds106, here is the animated gif version:

This daily dose of doom-mongering is drawn from a study conducted by Dr Villy Christensen and colleagues at The University of British Columbia (WOOT! UBC RULES! GO THUNDERBIRDS!), using “ecosystem models, underwater terrain maps, fish catch records and statistical analysis to render the biomass of Atlantic fish at various points this century.”

Here is how the information is rendered via an illustration in the study (link pdf) itself:

Visualizing depletion of fish stocks

7 thoughts on “Sometimes information is ugly, no matter how it looks

  1. @Lisa – We’re on it! Yum yum…

    @Jim – I’ll try not to let this social conscience stuff spoil the #ds106 fun in the future. Not too much, anyway…

  2. well let me be brutally honest with you,i didnt like your writing style, but i got what i came searching here for,so thanks for this post,though you can improve your writing style by a bit.

    1. Your brutal honesty is much appreciated, but unnecessary. I know that I suck. But I am relieved to know that improvement is possible.

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