Musical yuk-yuks

This clip, via Listening Post qualifies as “not safe for work,” at least for me, as I couldn’t stop laughing very loudly while watching it. I had to pause anytime I saw someone nearby who didn’t already know what a goofy ‘nuck I am.

Context here. I just bought my first electric guitar and amp last week (after pining for one for literally 25 years), so maybe I’m especially susceptible to this sort of humour.

On the other hand, I thought I was pretty much immune to “guys with acoustic guitars being wacky.” But I enjoyed this (mature content):

I discovered Flight of the Conchords via Northern Voice hero Beth, who is rapidly becoming my favorite hockey blogger.

Oh, and on the subject of musical humour, it really doesn’t get smarter than this clip (“aggressiveness need not be hostile”) from Mike Nichols and Elaine May — played on Charlie’s last ever WFMU show (sniff).

3 thoughts on “Musical yuk-yuks

  1. What I took from this post: Steve Vai rocks!

    The Mike Nicols and Elaine May clip is absolutely awesome, I want more of that. It makes sense they appealed to the Upper-Westside NYC audience because that is exactly who they were skewering it seems. Beautiful,particularly like th quote, “My family was your usual, you know, dull bourgeois family…”

    Thanks for this trails of laughter.

  2. Jim, I’ve tracked down a copy of the Nicols and May album this is from (Improvisations to Music, will share.

    Beth, I’d be a bit embarrassed to reveal how many hockey bloggers are in my newreader.

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