Party like it’s 2006 with this GIFFY service

Jim blogged about this nifty video-to-GIF tool from Imgur, and I had to try it. Naturally, the first thing I did was a GIF of Nick Mason playing “One of the Days” at Pompeii. You can see the result in the header of this post. Not exactly perfect, but very fast and quite easy to figure out.

I got a bang out of Jim comparing Imgur Video to GIF to a SPLOT, and I can see his point. It does one thing very well, reduces the feature clutter. It does not require any logins to play. Strictly speaking, it is not a free culture site, but Imgur makes it easy to pull your stuff out in a widely adopted GIF format. It provides added value with its many embed options as well, not just for the major social media silos but for the open web user as well. These sorts of benefits used to be a given with Web 2.0 services, sites like Flickr and were built on such principles. It’s a groove to see such retro chic. And given the massive size longer and higher-res GIFs can get to be, Imgur offers a significant benefit. I’d find it hard to share this other GIF I made (which I love love love) without Imgur.

Source material: The Littlest Hobo, classic Canadian TV, episode “Mystique”, in which “an unethical hypnotist influences a model’s behavior.” Only a brave, clever, itinerant German Shepherd can save her!

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  1. D’Arcy, if you refresh the home page of my site enough times, maybe you’ll see that GIF in the header. Thanks again for making and sharing, I truly treasure it.

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