The day that Don McLean died

Preamble soundtrack: Bat Hearse, “The Day Don McLean Died” One of the ways I’m a bad blogger is failing to post about the good stuff when it happens. Usually because the best moments are the hardest to get right, and I worry about seeming obnoxious in celebration, showing the right amount of gratitude, or trying […]

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Sound stories

Audio Book flickr photo shared CC by The Preiser Project It’s been so long since I wrote in this space, it’s a hole too deep to climb out. I won’t try to catch up today. But this post concerns an ongoing digital storymaking seminar called the You Show. If you want to know more about […]

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The EduGlu Turntablism, Mark II

The EduGlu Turntablism, Mark II, originally uploaded by WFMU. A short follow-up to my post yesterday on the WFMU Fundraising Marathon (which just may be the finest thing I have ever written)… I am pleased to report that for a second year running I have won naming rights to a turntable in the WFMU studios […]

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