The EduGlu Turntablism, Mark II

The EduGlu Turntablism, Mark II, originally uploaded by WFMU.

A short follow-up to my post yesterday on the WFMU Fundraising Marathon (which just may be the finest thing I have ever written)…

I am pleased to report that for a second year running I have won naming rights to a turntable in the WFMU studios (thus doing my part to promote CanCon).. I’ve always been a bit stunned at my luck in this respect, before the turntables I got the bragging rights to a microphone. I mean, one would think microphones and turntables would be the most sought-after items… or is that just me? [audio:]

You can hear D’Arcy Norman confuse the hell out of WFMU DJs Irwin Chusid and Bryce in this short audio clip. Thanks for pledging D’Arcy! [audio:]

Oh, did I mention that D’Arcy is ultra-hardcore?

6 thoughts on “The EduGlu Turntablism, Mark II

  1. Same diff for a BSG geek, right? And I thought we learned this season it was spelled “frakking” (or would that be “fraking”)…

  2. Oh… Beck — I mean, Clint — I suppose I walked into that one. I appreciate your close attentive reading and solid mathematical skills.

    I hasten to add, these items were named one year at a time consecutively, not concurrently… but I’m a slow DJ, so that’s not really an issue.

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