Connect me, dawg…

My past performance in open online courses might be described as sluggish and non-responsive, but Connected Courses looks too fun and useful to simply roll over for… Here’s hoping this post (intended to allow the CC Blog Hub to get its hook into me) is not the end of my contribution.

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Privacy in a Big Data Post-Privacy World

It’s always a pleasure to participate in a workshop hosted by BC’s Educational Technology Users Group. This year’s event did not disappoint, and I had the pleasure of attending provocative and thoughtful sessions on maker culture, open educational practice, portfolios, and OER. I’m always struck by how carefully facilitators and speakers prepare their sessions, and […]

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Agency and algorithms

Colleges Are Using Big Data To Predict Which Students Will Do Well––Before They Accept Them — Co.Exist (@FastCoExist) October 30, 2013 The "prediction" of human behavior is precisely what Orwell, Huxley, Dick, Ballard, and Asimov warned us of. And yet. — umair (@umairh) October 28, 2013 For example, imagine your credit score. Now imagine […]

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