‘una plataforma de cultura contemporánea’

Estándar describes itself (roughly) as “a platform for contemporary culture that encourages the production, research, dissemination and documentation of different disciplines under a sustainable model of self-determination and social inclusion.” Among their early projects are a couple interesting compilations as curators for the Free Music Archive. I very much enjoyed listening to their first compilation, […]

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Oliver Kellhammer: Botanical Interventions – Open Source Landscape and Community Repair

“I take biological systems and I remix them. In the way a DJ would remix music, I remix ecosystems and plants. Same principle.” I was disappointed that Oliver Kellhammer’s course Open Source City ended up not happening, but was delighted to attend last week’s Eco-Art Salon lecture entitled Botanical Interventions – Open Source Landscape and […]

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Bags of Gold

Digital Storytelling shared CC by giulia.forsythe I am looking forward to seeing what form these words will take next… — Jabiz Raisdana We ripped this off on the improvised first take, fueled by @draggin’s awesome Ukrainian cuisine, @keiramc’s homebrewed ale, and not only did @grantpotter lead the way on guitar, he built those analog synths […]

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Music… gotta have music…

I’ve added the audio link player plugin (if there’s a better one I should be using, please advise – this one looks promising as well), and am testing out a few of my typical uses to see how it works. Normally I would simply do a few test drafts and then delete it, but posting […]

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