I’ve taken the pledge

Yet another dose of goodness from David Kernohan, reproduced in full: Every blog post I read, every tweeted link I see, every breathless gushing article about “tsunamis” and “disruption” I flick past is a nail in the coffin of rational and realistic debate about the way connected technology can support learning. Every sturm und drang […]

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No Content

Video: No Content Let us speak of writing, poetry and music. Paintings. Pictures. Sketches. Works of art. Jokes. Stories. Films and videos. Jam sessions. Remixes. Plays and operas. Animated GIFs. Crafts and conceptual freakouts. Garden plots. Manifestos and recipes. And educational resources, readings, essays, lectures, lessons, projects, debates and discussions. Provocations and reflections. Meditations and […]

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Personal, Institutional, Global

The first UBC Wiki shared CC-BY by MrGluSniffer Leigh Blackall offered up some interesting feedback to my previous post on Tina Loo’s Wikipedia work. Lightly edited version: Somehow, I want to understand why the majority of teachers struggle to accept the suggestion to use the wikis in this way. Even in the edtech world – […]

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