Temperature Check

I have been wanting to write an “update” post for some time, but with so much going down, I didn’t know where to begin.

So when Anne-Marie Scott suggested we do a follow-up on our OER20 conversations from last March about the OpenETC, I was grateful. It’s always fun, stimulating and rewarding to talk with Anne-Marie, and I really enjoyed the chat.

Download 33 MB MP3, 49 minutes.

Some of what we discussed:

  • What has shifted since we spoke in late March?
  • Our sense of how people in our field are doing in the midst of an ongoing pandemic. Spoiler alert: most of us are struggling.
  • What can we expect with the coming academic year? Tidal wave or hurricane?
  • Some updates on what the OpenETC got up to over the summer, and why the toolset is proving more valuable than ever.
  • How the social upheavals and issues raised by Black Lives Matter sharpen the ethical dimensions of technology adoption and strategies.
  • Vendors behaving badly. The haunting spectres of austerity, outsourcing and hollowed-out institutions.

Somehow, given those mostly-depressing topics, I managed to enjoy the conversation. At one point Anne-Marie pointed to collaborations such as the OpenETC not just as a means of sustaining open ed tech, but as spaces for constructive and hopeful exploration. The benefits to our well-being are more important than ever.

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