Thank you UBC Wireless…

This afternoon's workstation

…for letting this be my workstation this afternoon. Not only did it ease my perpetually troubled mind, it may have upped my productivity a notch. Had a few nice brainstorms today (with a little help from my friends).

5 thoughts on “Thank you UBC Wireless…

  1. UBC is exceptionally nice in the springtime and even more so when you can take your work outside. I’m not so fortunate, I’m tied to my desktop and I think I can see some sunlight come through in the IRC…..

  2. The spot is perfect — cool, shaded, quiet, with a strong wireless signal. Only about 75 metres from my office. If there were tables with power jacks (as there were at my first ed tech gig in Hermosillo Mexico) I’d never leave.

    Patty — I do sympathise with your environment, been stuck in a few similar spots myself. My last pre-UBC job was at an experimental university located inside an old Zeller’s department store (in high futuristic style). No natural light whatsoever. One nice thing about my job is I wander all over campus (I like to meet people on their own turf when I can), and this time of year that’s a pleasant thing to do.

  3. Nice, sunny walls- your office view was better than mine at home, and I can see where you were during our iChat. I like that notion of being out “among the people” rather than inside a beige cube, though for programming and deep work, the distractions may be a problem.

    I’ve player a bit with the nifty isight camera built into my MacBookPro- it allows direct recording directly into QuickTime player, potentially a way to do low budget podcast/videocast recordings… and when I get set up soon with a new Darwin Streaming server, they could be live.

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