The Moose Cannot Be Tamed

Northern Voice poster by BASCO5

I suppose I should take a crack at why this blog has been so quiet. Something about reality being too stupefying for me to process, even in byte-sized inane doses… That set of confessions and jeremiads will be postponed yet again.

That is because I realise I have not even whooped up this year’s Northern Voice, which is now upon us… The little conference that could, now in its seventh year. And I have been involved with its organization every year… yikes. It’s kind of wild to see how this event has grown, and evolved… and how other things have barely changed at all.

In addition to the conference itself, the diverse planned sessions, the emergent improv wonder that is Moose Camp, this event serves as something of an annual reunion with many of my favorite people. I’m humbled that old dear friends are making the trip once again, and that I will finally have the chance to meet some very cool people who have amused and provoked me over the past year. I shudder at the realization that I do not possess the energy to take full advantage of this amazing collection of people.

Since the most fun and inspiring online activity I’ve had in recent memory has revolved around the #ds106 universe, I’m honoured to be part of a session on ds106radio. And since previous years have involved a lot of musical noodling, I’m excited that this year we have lined up a proper space and lots of cranking gear which should allow for some serious jamming. Now, if only I knew how to play…

The past two years, we have hosted the conference at the much larger Life Sciences Centre at UBC, so with the boost in capacity we actually have a few spots left this last week. If you care to join us for learning and laughs by all means register.

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