We be moved

A quick note to inaugurate my new digs… Many thanks to Novak, Michael, Scott and everyone on the OLT team who has facilitated a seemingly pain-free migration. Old links should be redirected appropriately, and I am impressed and grateful for the work that has gone into preserving the integrity of internal links, as well as uploaded and embedded media from other places… I had a ton of that stuff. There are still a few finickity bits with blip.tv embeds, but I can live with that, and will try to fix some of it manually. If you see other problems please do let me know.

While I don’t plan a radical reinvention, I do intend to take this opportunity to freshen up the Abject. So expect a series of theme changes and different features appearing and disappearing over the next few weeks, and perhaps beyond…

10 thoughts on “We be moved

  1. That’s right Bryan, we did figure out that the abject was behind this didn’t we. One can only hide behind bloggers block for so long before things start to get fishy, so to speak.

    Welcome to the beautiful world of WordPress, Brian.

  2. Bryan and Jim – I’ve told you both repeatedly — ever since you noticed that I subscribed to “Leg Show” and “Happy Feet” in my newsreader — that I was interested for purely anthropological reasons, not as a fetish. This relentless teasing is an aspersion to my character, and it has to stop.

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