Woody Allen interviews Billy Graham, 1969

I think I remember hearing some joke by Woody Allen about speaking with the Reverend Billy Graham… But had no idea if that conversation was real, much less on YouTube. Though it was posted on Boing Boing, Open Culture and many other spots three years ago, I must have been clicking and looking at other stuff (ahem).

Part Two here.

Both men are in good form, and it’s easy to see why they were so successful at appealing to their respective audiences. What I find most striking is how civil they are, how disarming. They disagree to the core, and neither wavers from their convictions, but they both make a point of expressing respect for each other, along with a willingness to continue mutual investigation and dialogue. I have no idea if their promises to explore each others’ work were sincere, if they followed up, but they felt compelled to demonstrate they were willing to try and understand one another… if only to win over the audience.

And both of them are funny.

Via Dangerous Minds.

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