Brushes with Yacht Rock greatness… oh, what can I do?

I was meaning to blog this when it happened a couple weeks ago. I was unduly pleased to receive a celebrity Twitter “favorite” to a smart-ass retweet:

A smooth start to the day

One of things I love about this exchange is that Micheal McDonald’s Twitter bio clearly indicates he is aware of the wonderful no-budget web series Yacht Rock, and he seems willing to roll with the occasional joke. (BTW, if you have not seen Yacht Rock, do check out episodes 1-5, 8 and 11… The other ones are for fanatics only.)

You can listen to a recent interview by WFMU DJ Nat Roe with Yacht Rock co-founder JD Ryznar, looking back on an underground video cult sensation.

And if you are still wondering what Yacht Rock even is, here’s a definition from smooth music DJs Captain Jack and Summer Breeze, from their much loved DS106 Radio show “Daiquiris on the Dock” (currently on hiatus):

DS106Radio: What is Yacht Rock?

Anyhow, I’m prodded to post by the following video, a short film inspired by the 70’s KISS ballad “Beth”, that literally had me laughing out loud. Seems to me, it takes the Yacht Rock formula and applies high end production values:

BETH from anonymous content on Vimeo.

Though honestly, for sheer delirious egomaniacal excess, it’s impossible to top the original video.

5 thoughts on “Brushes with Yacht Rock greatness… oh, what can I do?

  1. Nice to see the Abject finally returning to its roots; you were getting so serious and focused on this “ed tech” business, you had me worried 😉 I would however urge caution; I seem to think that Groom fellow never gave up his membership in the Kiss Army and may ask fellow member Condoleezza Rice to call in a drone strike on your ass.

  2. I saw your tweet, let out a hearty guffaw and thought, is he following Mike? At any rate, you both are brilliant.

    Daiquiris on the Dock, part deux?

  3. Scott – What’s come over me lately? I’m on a long road back to recovering my humanity, I hope. As for the KISS army, I can’t imagine they will see this post as anything but what it is, a Love Gun aimed straight at their hearts.

    John – as ever, you have an eye for the small but telling detail… Or is that a sun reflection?

    Nicole – Summer Breeze, you will always blow through the jasmine of my mind. We will be living with a private dock this summer, and will keep the blender and the microphone at the ready for the triumphant reunion with Captain Jack, and maybe others!

  4. Didn’t mention at the time but you owe me a serious written apology for yacht rock, Lamb. It has broken my brain. That and the new Daft Punk are making it a smooth summer…

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