CNIE Session: “Eat the Data: Reclaiming Innovation” with Dr. Jones

Eat the data

I was honoured to be invited to deliver a keynote at the CNIE conference being hosted here at TRU. But with the other keynotes being Audrey Watters and Nancy White, I knew I would be held to a very high standard. Desperately casting about for a gimmick, I stumbled across an idea that worked better than I could have hoped.

"Jason prepping to DJ the morning keynote" by D'Arcy Norman

“Jason prepping to DJ the morning keynote” by D’Arcy Norman

Jason Toal was a huge help to me in developing my first-ever talk on educational technology back in 2001, and for this one I turned to his alter-ego Dr. Jones to DJ the session. The arrangement forced me to be a little more mindful of what I was doing, yet preserved a lot of spontaneity, and I was delighted to be among those surprised by some of the sounds he dropped while I was babbling. Dr. Jones made this session, it was a blast working with him, and I am so glad we got to to do this together.


Another huge debt of thanks are due to the participants of the pre-conference SoundCamp workshop that we (myself, Jason, Jon Fulton and Grant Potter) facilitated. We gave the participants the challenge of creating audio clips that we would then incorporate into the keynote. They more than rose to the occasion, and their work is in the mix! throughout the session.

I have posted the audio, visuals and assorted links at:

To be honest, I struggled with how to represent this barrage of ranting, sampling and animated GIFfage, I hope this does an OK job of it.

And as ever, thanks to the wonderful Giulia Forsythe for somehow managing a coherent visual representation of the madness.

Eat the Data: Reclaim the web, #CNIE2014 keynote by @brlamb expertly DJd by @draggin shared CC by giulia.forsythe


  1. RT @brlamb: Media for #cnie2014 Keynote “Eat the Data”, DJ’d by @DrJones106, finally posted: Backstory:…

  2. Nancy White · May 26

    Well, I have to say, after my, um, experiment, I bet they were grateful for your coherence!! So sorry I missed it!

    • Brian · May 26

      Your session was wonderful Nancy. We tried to amp up the “comfort with chaos” scale a bit, not sure we succeeded. Thanks again so very much for coming to Kamloops, we loved having you here, and you made your usual immense contribution to the event.

    • D'Arcy Norman · May 26

      A conference where Brian is considered coherent and conventional, in comparison to Nancy White. I love it. Let’s make the switch.

  3. Can’t wait to listen: MT @brlamb: Media 4 #cnie2014 Keynote “Eat the Data posted: Backstory:

  4. dkernohan · May 26

    Man, I wish I’d been there.

    • Brian · May 26

      David, it would have been so, so good to have had you with us that week.

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  6. @mrnking · May 26

    thanks @dkernohan for @brlamb ‘Eat The Data’. Also love @giuliaforsythe edtech complexity map

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