Culture is not your friend

3 thoughts on “Culture is not your friend

  1. He’s a regular quote machine artist:
    “Led by the least among us.”
    “The art pedal to the metal.”
    The cannibalistic demiurge.”

    Wow, I love his style, and I want what he is on. But I really do agree with him, I just don’t really know what art is, aside from animated GIFs, everything seems to be part of the machine—save the abject.

  2. And the quote that Grant just flagged on Twitter: put the art pedal to the metal… to “maximize your humanness and become much more necessary and incomprehensible to the machine”…

    I don’t agree with everything McKenna has to say (his Timewave stuff seems crackpot, I guess we’ll learn that for sure on December 21 next year), but he’s such an erudite, engaging fellow that I never tire of listening to him. A lot of his talks are available on this podcast, which regularly produces my best late-night Dexter-walking listening fodder.

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