Music… gotta have music…

I’ve added the audio link player plugin (if there’s a better one I should be using, please advise – this one looks promising as well), and am testing out a few of my typical uses to see how it works. Normally I would simply do a few test drafts and then delete it, but posting it allows me to share some music, so what the hell…

Free Music Archive embed code:

Upload MP3 to the blog… Hmmm, how do I up my upload per file limit? No obvious way to do that via the interface… Oh well, here’s a wee bitty loop I whipped up last week, thinking it might make fun bed music for an energetic spoken word mix.


MP3 link from elsewhere

Tragedy of the Silver Bridge

OK, I can live with this…

As an aside, the plugin installation process is much easier than it used to be, kudos to the WordPress developers.

UPDATE: Based on a recommendation from Alan, I’m now using WPaudio for a while… I like it, though can’t seem to figure out why MP3s from external sites have to open in their own window, as opposed to the player (see the Tragedy of the Silver Bridge example, above).

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