A slice of a living abjection

13 thoughts on “A slice of a living abjection

  1. Had a damn good laugh when I watched this. Great idea piping the coffee can through the Wah – so happy to see it has found its place in the household soundscape.

    1. I can’t express how much I dig the coffee can, had some very genuinely groovy moments, though I can never seem to replicate them… I see Scott has taken the analog synth work to a cool place. All hail the Prince George Circuitbenders Guild!

      (If anyone coming here has not seen Grant’s own intro vid, I urge them to take the one minute… and enjoy with mouth agape: http://web.unbc.ca/~gpotter/?p=596)

  2. Oh my, that was beautiful, man. I could only dream to improvise like that.

    Let’s hear it for medicine– and all the new audio toys you got! Kudos for Harry and Dexter in their supporting roles.

    It is so beautiful.

  3. It was a fun boys’ night in at the house, Harry played a big role in shaping the narrative… and as usual Dexter steals the picture with his characteristic deadpan performance.

  4. I actually laughed out loud. Good to see dexter looking so well, and Harry is a star. Also glad to see I’m not the only one who has approximately 27 different places where the thing I’m looking for _could_ be.

    1. Grant Potter made it – it’s got basic controls (speed, depth, pitch, volume) built into an old coffee can. I absolutely love it. Though I fins it almost impossible to capture the same sound twice, which I learned earlier this week is by design.

      Dang, I wish I was a noise professor…

  5. I think I need to borrow Dexter for personal protection. That looks like one mean a$% watchdog.

    ” Is that a pipe in your pocket or are you jsut glad to see… yourself?” “Oh. OOOOh, ooooooh. Here it is”

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