Prodded by shame

Jim Groom and the author in happier, more depraved times shared CC by D’Arcy Norman

There’s a simple explanation why I’ve started this space up: I’ve been informed that my participation in ds106 is contingent on doing so.

And a slightly more complex explanation… for various reasons I’ve been thinking it might be prudent to manage my own online home. I still love my space at UBC Blogs, and playing a role in building that wonderful service definitely ranks among my proudest accomplishments. I’ll keep blogging over there, but I think I want to maintain my primary online space myself… or at least try to for a little while.

In the meantime… the place isn’t quite lived in. I’ll undoubtedly be playing with themes, plugins, and the like over the next little while, please excuse the mess. Suggestions are welcome on those counts, it’s been a while since I’ve done all this stuff myself.

More importantly, the Reverend is throwing an online learning party, and it’s time to make some art dammit.

2 thoughts on “Prodded by shame

  1. Man,

    Casa Lamb online, a beautiful thing, and those were happy time, soon to be relived again. This whole ds106 thing is simply a way to make the days go faster until we all converge on Vancouver once again in may for yet another party.

    The happy times are not all behind us yet, and, what a domain. And what a man!!!

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