Ego Run Amok Department: I am The Brian

If it isn’t Googlicious irony enough that I am the most relevant Brian Lamb according Google — beating out a more eminent namesake… (I always wonder if he’s a bit annoyed at me.)

Now I find out I am top dog for a simple search on “brian” — topping Brians Eno, May, Wilson (interesting how they are all rock musicians) et al… even the Monty Python film.

In the likely event this was a fleeting phenomenon, a screengrab.

In case you are curious, I do not habitually enter my first name into Google to see where I rank. Though I may start doing so now. Someone actually came to my site this way. Hope they liked it here.

And I wonder if I might aspire to simply going by a single moniker, like Cher, Madonna, or a Brazillian soccer player.

6 thoughts on “Ego Run Amok Department: I am The Brian

  1. It’s always interesting to compare the different results returned by google for different countries. For and these have a completely different line up and order from

    I also try the same using proxies and changing the ‘browser user agent’ to fool to servers into thinking I’m something and somewhere else.

    I should get a life, I know.

  2. And Gardner Writes is a lowly number 19–but of course I’m competing with Ava Gardner, who should be WAY ahead of me, and Dr. Howard Gardner (of multiple intelligences fame), who should be too. I’m less certain about Gardner, Kansas and Gerald Gardner, the founder of Wicca, but the public is a fickle animal. 🙂

  3. As I suspected, my glory daze did not last. I’m on the third page now, behind a bunch of Brians I’ve never even heard of. I had hoped this post would be a bit of Google juice, alas, not to be.

    But the comments here make me think there might be some watchlist-type vanity applet with some broad appeal…

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