Egomania Three-Fer — High and Unbound

I apologise for this, and obviously the number of people likely to be interested is going to be quite low. But just had to note my first experience with jetliner wireless. Not the fastest connection I’ve had, but not bad at all. Thank you Lufthansa.

Feels like a rite of passage. Too bad I’m using it to work. Then again, this should help me out of quite a jam.

4 thoughts on “Egomania Three-Fer — High and Unbound

  1. Gardner — no power (weird, eh? I even had a special adaptor with me), but I did have two new batteries, so got about six hours in.

    Jon — I shudder to acknowledge I did fire up Skype, but only because I craved live text chat. So I could drop brittle bon mots such as “do you know where I am right now?” Alas, none of my handful of contacts were on.

    And the network really did help me out of a jam — meant we could have some fun after our arrival in Z-Town.

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