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This is a selection of fresh sounds from Negativland sampling Marc Maron, as heard on Peter Conheim’s visit to Jake Fogelnest’s podcast. They’ve still got it (adult language):

MP3: Maron – Feed on my Content

I found another segment of the interview of particular interest. As you may know, Negativland was a band that was terminated with extreme litigious prejudice because it sold appropriation art sampled from U2. Yet as Conheim reports, things have shifted over the past twenty years. In 2014 the major cultural industries are almost wholly focused on preventing file-sharing, and are unlikely to care about transformative fair use. (Will that realization ever counter the FUD around content remixing in education?) Then again, the bots can still disrupt distribution via corporate-controlled internet channels. We also learn that Negativland is planning to push the limits of fair use into new and previously unclaimed terrritory on their latest record, bless them.

MP3: On fair use in 2014

I found the whole podcast enjoyable and illuminating. You can check out some of the media referred to here.

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