Partial credit

pepsi add and subtract

“If you have three Pepsis and drink one, how much more refreshed are you? You, the redhead in the Chicago school system?”


“Partial credit!”

Kind of humbling how a few seconds of animated comedy can effortlessly make so many of the points I’ve struggled with over a decade of doom-mongering… One more reason for me to question what I’m doing with this blog.

Casting Matt Damon,  er… Troy McClure as the star instructor is a nice touch.

(Thanks Jason!)

3 thoughts on “Partial credit

  1. I don’t think video authors are able to effortlessly make points like this without all the hard work first being done by many doom-mongering blogs and writers. So don’t think your work is in vain. Even Troy McClure stands on the shoulders of giants.

  2. Stephen, to be linked to the likes of Troy McLure by the likes of you made my day.

    Tom, I dare say you’ve made quite a contribution to humorous doom-mongering of the years.

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