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I find myself in the enchanting city of Barcelona for Pushing the boundaries of Higher Education: challenging traditional models with innovative and creative practices. As I type this, it is very likely that the event will not go as planned, and it may not go at all… The effects of the Catalan independence referendum may involve a general strike on the day of the symposium.

Below are a few images and written pieces that complement the position paper Interventions. I’m set to be presenting this as part of a scheduled dialogue with Jim Groom, whose piece is The LMS is dead, not unlike God: thoughts on the NGDLE.

Bryan Mathers made some images!

his: So what will a NGDLE look like? by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND

So what will a NGDLE look like? by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND
Building a Learning spaceship… by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND
Building a Learning spaceship… by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND

NGDLE Perspectives by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND

NGDLE Perspectives by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND


Algorithmic secret sauce by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND

Algorithmic secret sauce by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND

I take a few kicks at the NGDLE in my initial paper, and I worried about what a more technically sophisticated analysis might find that made me look like an idiot. Thankfully, Anne-Marie Scott offered “Some more thoughts on the NGDLE, for what it’s worth”, and if anything she deepened the critique. “the more I read, the more convinced I am that this NGDLE tale is the Emperor’s New Clothes over again. “Zen like emptiness” anyone?”


See also, “When does it stop being about us?”

Alan Levine is pushing forward the SPLOT framework. See also Tom Woodward on Tiny Targeted Tools. Jim followed up with Let’s Get Small: SPLOTTING the Future.

I might add a few more bits here, but right now I am utterly exhausted, and Jim and I will have no trouble filling our forty minutes, so if anything I need to whittle things down.


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