Boring site note: all moved in, switched over

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Just a quick note that may affect a few of you reading this… I have changed the primary blog on my Feedburner RSS feed from to Hopefully this transition will not mess up the feed readers of my Feedburner subscribers too badly. Apologies in advance if it does.

Why am I doing this? For a few reasons having to do with a) the heightened sensitivities around copyright these days; and b) certain people who believe that if they have a problem with a university blogger they should take those problems directly to the upper administration. It has me feeling that if I want to continue as I do I need to be responsible for my own space. I’m grateful for #ds106 providing me with the kick to set up these new digs.

I don’t expect blogging here to change much (other than my long-standing, bordering on laughable resolution to post more often). I intend to maintain a blog on the wonderful UBC Blogs service, but that blog will maintain a much tighter focus on UBC and my professional work there. The RSS feed for that space is

I’m still deciding whether or not to import my eight-plus years of Abject Learning archives over here. I don’t want duplicate posts on multiple blogs. I don’t want to break links. And I don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up re-directs yet again. Not sure where that leaves me. SOL, I suspect, a familiar place.

The three or four people who have subscribed to the existing Abject WordPress feed should notice no change. The Feedburner feed merely splices in a daily digest of my Delicious bookmarks, and allows Google to own my content and pollute my links, which is very important to me for obvious reasons.

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